Server hardware

Exclusive Hosting has achieved the desired balance between the new cutting-edge server technologies and our custom-made hosting software, which work in perfect synchronicity and render cases of downtime almost impossible. Our servers are equipped with Intel Quad-Core 2.4 GHz X3450 processors with 8MB Cache; 8 GB RAM; 2x500 GB SATA WesternDigital in RAID1 configuration. We have installed a superb anti-DDoS (distributed denial of service) device, which guards our expanding hosting network against any hacking or unfriendly activities. Back-ups are being performed on a daily basis to ensure that the hosted data stays safe and secure.

Company details

More-Host Ltd


is 100% owned by 'Kiril Stoichkov' ET, a BG-based company, headquartered in Sofia. Our company has been providing a large number of professional services in the fields of web hosting, domain registration and quality customer support for four years now.

Our customers

We host both personal websites and e-commerce portals for small and medium-sized enterprises, which gain money from various online activities. Internet presence has become a must, and that is why there is a huge demand from individuals all over the world who want to promote their companies and take advantage of the World Wide Web. It makes no difference to us whether it is a personal or a business site that we are hosting. Our 24/7 support team’s training and responsiveness will satisfy all needs.

Our mission

No matter how unbelievable it may sound but nowadays most of the big hosting companies do not invest much in the development of new technologies relying instead on 3rd party solutions. Unlike theirs, our hosting platform has been created and developed entirely by us. And because our business approach is human-oriented, we strive to provide excellent customer support and firmly believe that a happy client is the major premise for any successful business.

Data Centers location

The rivalry between the companies in the e-business arena, especially those in the web hosting industry, raised the stakes so high that the choice of a suitable data center has come to be very important for the provision of a quality hosting service. That is why we have chosen the best possible facilities out there in order to guarantee our clients almost 100% uptime and website accessibility.