1Full Dedication to the Customers
Our competent, friendly and quick professional Customer Support is at your disposal 24 hours / 7 days a week on the phone or via our ticketing system, with a 24 hour response time guarantee!

2Partnership You Can Trust
More - Host is in association with the innovative and creative BG-based company – 'Kiril Stoichkov' ET. In result of We offer much more than just hosting!

3Know-How and Experience
Hosting is no secret science to us! While developing a unique hosting platform of our own, during the last four years, we’ve done constant research, enhancing and optimizing the level of our web hosting services. We especially take pride in our multi-functional in-house-built user-friendly customer control panel.

4Fast & Reliable Network Servers
We make no compromise with hardware quality and therefore deliver highest-level server performance. We utilize fast, top-quality custom-built servers, which are specially designed for our unique in-house-built hosting platform and control panel, and are entirely our property. The servers are located in two top state-of-the-art data centers.

5Best Value For Your Money
We’ve learned that successful hosting business requires a highly demanding uncompromising attitude to the quality of the provided web hosting services. If you are looking for a top-quality website hosting at affordable prices, next generation technologies, fast servers/connections and 24/7 professional customer support, then you've come to the right place!

6Attractive Free Tools
Each hosting package comes with the following bonuses: Fantastico Free Scripts, allowing you to easily install a blog, photo album, forum, e-commerce, portal, etc. on your website; Cpanel Marketing Tools, containing popularity check, RSS feeds and other useful accessories; Site Studio – an easy-to-use online website builder with over 4500 personal & business templates, saving you a lot of money on web design fees. And last but not least – a Free Domain Registration is also available with Dedicated Servers.

7Host Multiple Websites
Host several websites for the price of one! The majority of hosting companies will make you pay separately for each hosted domain, which will, especially if you own many domains, over-bloat your bill! Our packages have been designed to especially encourage those of you who are willing to host several websites in a single account for less money!

8Risk-Free Services
Our 1 month Money-Back Guarantee is, without question, fully reliable! Testing More - Host services is a completely free experience. In case you are for some reason dissatisfied with our services, we will give your money back within 30 days.

9Our Commitment To You
It is our duty to make your hosting experience the greatest! We provide you with a stable service, modern technology and affordable prices. Your satisfaction is our utmost goal and we work very hard to achieve it.

10Affordable Pricing
You will definitely get more than what you have paid for! Our Exclusive Hosting packages are highly competitive on the global web hosting market. Apart from the exclusive web resources and multiple domains hosting, many extra features are included at very affordable prices!